Are you living with tough financial situations?

Is your profile red marked with poor credit score?

Are you doubtful for your prospects of availing a loan?

If your answer is in ‘yes’, then you do not need to fret. You are not alone considering the recent financial circumstances in the UK. Many people are facing credit score related issues and feel neglected in getting further loans. With every lender seems firm in not offering loans to people with low credit scores, yes Everyone Loans has specially designed no guarantor loans deals. These are enough to meet personal circumstances without any impact of your adverse credit rating.

What are Non-Guarantor Loans?

The non-guarantor loans are the short-term personal loans that the lender approves even with no one is to co-sign and without any collateral. Sometimes, these loans also belong to unsecured funding sources.

The primary borrower holds the sole responsibility of making repayments on time, as there is no ‘third person’ involved.

In the UK, these are among the most applied small loans.

How Loans without Guarantor Work?

Only scanned copies of documents required and their verification takes hardly a few minutes to complete. Once approved, you can apply for loans on the same day. Follow these steps:

  • Click on ‘apply now’ badge
  • Fill the form with given details that are mandatory
  • Submit it, and get the approval within an hour


Anytime and anywhere you can get fast loans with no guarantor required. If you send your loan application at 10:30 am, you will get revert till 10:45, and the fund disbursal at maximum 11:15 am. It shows how quick we are in offering the loans.

Three main FACTORS that allow the loans on faster payout:

An Absolute Online Procedure

Like other locals in the UK, you must have been tired of the paper-based loan process. As being a new-age direct lender in the UK, we have brought out a complete online procedure where we do not need documents but only dedication to follow the process sincerely.

The Bonus of No Credit Check

Do you want a quick decision on your loan application? You get the same as we are here to offer you bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check as the additional benefit. There is no harm to your credit score because only soft credit enquiries are into practice.

Instant loan decision

We use the online technology properly and let our borrowers avail loans with no fees and on instant decision. Within an hour, the whole loan process gets completed, and on the same day, our prospective borrowers get an online bank transfer. Thus, meeting personal ends does not need days or weeks.


Not at all! You can qualify for our loans for bad credit with no guarantor despite living on benefits receiving as grants. Unlike other private lenders, we do not hesitate to accept the loan applications of those borrowers, who are also receiving the benefits.

Surprisingly, we are ready to accept these grants as the mode of making repayments. It offers direct advantages to those who are:

Unemployed, who have a poor credit score and struggling to find out the guarantor;

Retired people, who need extra money to accomplish more goals in their life;

Students, who are receiving additional benefits from the authority to ensure hassle-free education;

Single parent, who require emergency funding despite gaining funds from the government;

Physically disabled, who have necessary financial commitments to make and thus need a loan.


When you look at the websites of other UK lenders, then you get the answer in ‘no’. But Everyone Loans UK is here to everything possible now. We say ‘yes’ that loans for bad credit with no guarantor are also available for small businesses. The amount is finalised after analysing the total income of your company and also the expenditures on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

These loans will help you to:

  • Increate the infrastructure in your office
  • Expand the staff for more results
  • Relocate your company to another city
  • Manage the extra finance of locating one more branch
  • Improve the credit score of your business

With our backing of funds, you can quickly climb the business ladder and reach towards the commercial success.



Are you impressed? You should be because we give you these features on the complete guarantee. If anyone wishes for quick loans without guarantor from a direct lender, then their hunt completes here.

For First-Time Borrowers:

  • Prepare to lower the interest rates
  • Tenant or homeowners both can apply
  • Build a strong credit profile
  • Use loans for any purpose

For Pre-Registered Borrowers:

  • Eligible for specialised loan offers
  • More amount to borrow on a non-guarantor loan
  • Opportunity to restart a loan deal
  • Extended period to make repayments

Connect us now if you want to apply for loans for bad credit with no guarantor and no fees from a reliable direct lender in the UK. We are the obvious choice for everyone carrying a poor credit score. Our loan products can convert impossible to possible. Apply and get funds now!


How much amount can I borrow with fast loans with no guarantor?

You can quickly get £2000 loan from direct lender with no guarantor required. However, Everyone Loans UK does increase the limit to 5000 pounds but it depends upon the individual circumstances. However, whatever the amount, you will get same day approval.

Are loans without guarantor different from payday loans?

There is a minor difference between these two funding sources. However, the major difference comes where loans without guarantor from a direct lender can be applied on higher amount than the payday loans. The repayments too are flexible in no guarantor loans but in payday loans, borrowers have to repay on next salary day.

How to choose the best loan company?

The best way to choose the loan company is to do a quick online research. Prepare a list of reliable lenders and compare their interest rates. However, Everyone Loans UK vouches for the bespoke offers especially on loans for bad credit with no guarantor needed.

Can you get a personal loan with a credit score of 550?

Yes, you can. Everyone Loans offers personal loans for all credit score holders. You are welcome as a borrower even if you have a score of 550. Our guarantor-free bad credit loans are convenient and suitable for all your financial needs. We do not judge applicants based on their credit histories, but rather their present repayment capacities.

How can I get a no guarantor loan without a credit check?

For this, you need to apply for a no credit check loan. The presence of a guarantor is not mandatory as long as you have the ability to make the repayments on time. You are free to apply for any loan amount based on your requirement and the money is credited into your bank account within minutes of approval.

Can I get a loan with bad credit and no guarantor?

Indeed you can. We have custom designed bad credit loans where guarantor presence in not essential. Just click on apply and we do the rest. We base our application assessment in finding reasons to approve a loan, and not why we should reject it. Guarantor-free bad credit loans also help you in building your credit score and fight your financial hardship as well.

How can I borrow money without a guarantor?

Everyone Loans has a simple application and flexible repayment process for loans without guarantor presence. Once you submit the online form, we assess your affordability. After verification of your financial status, approval is granted for your credit. You just have to wait for a few minutes after that to receive the funds in your official bank account.

Can you get a loan if you are on benefits?

Even if you are surviving on benefits, you are eligible to get a short-term loan from us. The monthly benefits that you are get act as our security that you would be able to repay the borrowed amount. We design our loan deals based on the personal circumstances of people. Thus we understand that surviving on benefits can be challenging at times and you may need to borrow money.

Can I get a loan with very poor credit?

Yes, you can get a loan if you have a very poor credit score. Our loan approvals are not biased towards good credit score holders. We believe that even bad credit histories can come with stable income sources of an applicant. You can rely on us for getting monetary help during emergencies, despite the poor condition of your credit score.