Is a Personal Loan the Solution for Your Financial Problems

A personal loan is among the best-selling financial services in the lending business. It is a multipurpose loan that requires no specific motive to get approval. Thus, it gets easier to receive funds without a long list of documents to submit.

The comfort often makes people take personal loans for purposes such as education and business. However, the interest rates and terms of the loan for these purposes are not ideal. There is a reason for the lenders to offer different loan types for a specific purpose.

We have explained a few situations where a personal loan is a viable or an impractical solution to clear your confusion.

When to Take a Personal Loan?

A difficult condition that requires financial assistance can get solved with the help of a personal loan. You can take the loan amount for whatever reason as long as the repayment is affordable. However, the following situations make the best use of unsecured personal loans without the cheaper alternatives.

  • Debt Consolidation

Your current list of debt may contain some high-interest loans to create overwhelming stress on the budget. It is wise to take a personal loan or debt consolidation loan to pay the liabilities. It will decrease the collective overall cost of the loans.

Moreover, you will now have only one installment to focus on and remember. Many people use a personal loan to repay the high-interest credit card bill. Though, you should check the prepayment fees of the loan to make sure early repayment is feasible.

  • Important Events

Life only has a few critical events that we work hard to make memorable. Be it the recurring holidays, birthdays, or some once in a lifetime moment such as weddings and graduation. It is okay to celebrate them with financial assistance from lenders.

These events serve the purpose of uniting the family and friends amid the stressful life. The repayment is manageable with easy installments, but the moment may not come again. Therefore, you can take payday loans for the unemployed from direct lenders to celebrate important events with your loved ones.

  • Home Improvement

Home improvement is not optional if safety is at risk. It makes less sense to tap into savings for home improvement as it is best kept for emergencies. You can use a personal loan to make the improvement and repairs in your home.

Some changes in your house can make huge improvements in its appearance. It will change the mood after a tiring day at work. Moreover, the value of your house will increase with the right investment in home improvement.

  • Big Purchase

Gadgets and appliances are a necessity in the modern world for personal and professional use. A single appliance can disrupt your life that includes the smartphone in your pocket to the lawnmower. And these purchases may cost enough to force the buyer to search for financial assistance.

You should avoid the use of credit cards because of the heavy interest in the installments. A personal loan is a better alternative as the terms and conditions are often flexible. Also, you get fund disbursement in an instant to buy the items as soon as possible.

  • Credit Score Improvement

Credit history is the representation of your behavior as a borrower along with responsible financial decisions. Lenders will not offer loans to applicants with a very poor credit score. Even if they somehow get approval, the interest rates are unreasonably high.

Thus, you should avoid missing the payments or taking too many loans. You can improve your credit history with the timely repayment of loans and credit card bills. Take a personal loan to improve your credit history for bigger financial goals such as buying a house or car.

  • Medical Bills

Your medical insurance may cover almost every treatment for physical well-being. But a few medical conditions and treatments are often ignored in the coverage of these insurances. Mental health and its treatment are among the ones neglected the most while deciding a policy.

You need to pay for the treatment from your pocket or savings account. It sounds intimidating enough for people to avoid the treatment unless they experience exhaustion or breakdown. Instead, you should complete the treatment with bad credit loans with no guarantor and no credit check from a direct lender.

  • Vacation

People depend on their savings while planning a vacation. In addition, this is the primary reason for the cancellation of the plans for a distant destination. You should take a small personal loan instead to enjoy the vacation.

The repayment will remain manageable with a small interest added to the loan amount. Take this as a charge for not saving money to sponsor your vacation. It is essential as the break is required amid the increasing tension of personal and professional life.

  • Accommodation

A new job in a different city will require money to move into a new apartment. You need to put in a security deposit along with the charges of moving your stuff. These expenses are not affordable if you are living a paycheque-to-paycheque lifestyle.

A personal loan will help you grab the opportunity for career advancement and increased income. You can use the amount for every expense until the next payday.

  • Unemployment

The pandemic made us learn many lessons from the troubles of ourselves and others. Millions around the globe faced a sudden termination letter from their employers. Even the best talent in the industry was left without a job in the most significant slowdown after the great depression.

You should take a personal loan if the savings account were not enough to survive the uncertain times. Make sure to use the amount from personal loans with care to avoid a cycle of debts.

When not to Take Personal Loan

You should avoid personal loans in certain situations to avoid unnecessary risk or high interest rates. Lenders offer specific loan types to offer better interest rates for better purposes than personal expenses. Here are a few examples of situations where a personal loan is not the practical solution.

  • For Others

You may try to help your friends during financial distress with a personal loan on your profile. It is not a good idea since the reason for this help is because of their poor credit history or unaffordability of the loan amount. Thus, they might not afford the timely repayment of the loan.

You are directly responsible for the default if they don’t pay the installments. Therefore, it is advised not to take a personal loan for others. Also, you may not remain eligible for another loan until the repayment is complete for your financial troubles.

  • Substitute for Savings

Availability of an instant personal loan should not become a reason for living a lifestyle outside the budget. Many people ignore the need for savings as their credit profile is perfect. Savings is important to manage unexpected expenses without paying interest or processing fees to the lender.

Therefore, you should create an emergency fund regardless of the availability of a personal loan. The fund should contain enough amount to cover your expenses for at least 3 months. It will require consistent efforts for a few months to save enough money.

  • Business

Businesses require loans to start, operate, or grow. It is easier and faster to get a personal loan than the banks’ complex business loans. However, the direct lenders will provide instant decisions on your business loan application with fund disbursement within 24 hours.

Therefore, it makes no sense to pay the higher interest rate of a personal loan when a business loan is available. A few additional efforts will save a significant amount in the long run.

  • Education

Scholars don’t have to depend on personal loans to manage their college fees and living expenses. An education loan covers these costs along with the moratorium period for repayment. Or, you can apply for a scholarship or grant if you have worked hard in the past.

  • New Car

Lenders are happy to offer car loans to the borrowers because of the increased security. They can take the car in possession in case of a default. Therefore, it is simple enough to get a cheaper car loan instead of a heavy-interest personal loan.

  • Investment

An investment opportunity with great returns is hard to ignore, even if you cannot afford it. People take personal loans to start investing in a venture. However, you should avoid it if the interest is more than the returns.

There will come an opportunity in the future to invest. Though, you should take the risk if the investment is offering great returns even after deducting the overall interest.


To sum up, you should take a personal loan for necessities and financial troubles instead of maintaining a luxurious lifestyle. If possible, you should try dedicated loans for specific purposes such as car, home, and education. You will save money on the overall cost at somewhat the same time for fund disbursement.

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